Receive $50 F&B coupon upon spending over HK$1000

Worth HK$50;  Quantity: 300

-    Quota per member: 20
-    This coupon is valid at Langham Place. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions of the coupon for details. 
-    This coupon has to be used on or before 31 DEC 2021(applicable for any time slots from Monday to Sunday including public holidays), after which it will be invalid and will not be replaced under any circumstances. 
-    Customers can use more than one (1) coupon in each transaction. There is no limit on the number of coupon used per transaction.
-    Please present the redeemed reward of “Gift Box” on your Langham Place APP to the staff and scan the designated QR Code at L4 Customer Service Counter to finish fulfillment on or before 31 MAR 2021. Reward not redeemed by the redemption expiry date will be forfeited. Points used for the corresponding redemption will not be refunded.
-    If a member cancels the redemption, points used for the corresponding redemption will not be refunded.
-    Limited offer while stock lasts. First-come first-served.
-    Langham Place is not a supplier or service provider of the products/services provided and shall not be responsible for any matters relating to the products or services provided. Any enquiry in relation to the quality of the products/services shall be directed to the relevant merchant.

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